Three Reasons Martial Arts Are Perfect for ADHD Children

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Play is integral to healthy child development. Unfortunately, parents whose children are diagnosed with ADHD worry that their kids will not excel in sports. Notably, such kids are deemed to lack the required social skills and struggle with following instructions. Thus, ADHD kids often feel left out, particularly in schools that do not pay much attention to helping kids with mental disorders. Fortunately, all is not lost because martial arts are an excellent opportunity for children with ADHD to excel. Here are critical reasons to enrol an ADHD child in a martial arts class.

It's an Individual Sport

If you are thinking about enrolling your ADHD child in sports, team contact sports may not be a good idea. Team sports are all about 'play systems' where different teammates are tasked with specific roles. Therefore, kids must always focus on their game and other team members' actions and positions, which require divided attention. It can be a challenging and sometimes impossible feat for ADHD children. On the other hand, martial arts, such as karate, judo, and jiu-jitsu, are individual sports. Therefore, an ADHD child only needs to focus on their performance. Besides, martial arts instructors can offer ADHD children undivided attention and customise lessons to match their needs while encouraging independent training.

Safe Outlet for Excess Energy

Hyperactive children struggle to sit still; therefore, it is easy to view them as mischievous, especially if you do not understand the disorder. The best way to help ADHD children calm down is to allow them to release the pent-up energy through physical activities. While it is possible with any team sport such as football, safety is not guaranteed. With martial arts, an ADHD child can perform various physical moves to release energy that has been building the whole day. When the kids get home, they will probably be tired and want to sit down and relax. Moreover, you do not have to worry about safety because kids' martial arts are performed on padded mats and professionals are teaching them. 

Routine Based

Since children with ADHD struggle with paying attention, remembering specific actions can be challenging. For instance, a typical child will not have a problem remembering to pack their lunch or tie their shoes, but a kid with ADHD will struggle with such tasks if they are not routine. Unlike other sports that pay little attention to routine, martial arts are ritualistic. The reason is that martial arts moves are choreographed, which allows ADHD children to practice them repeatedly until they grasp a move or combination of moves. It further leads to the development of muscle memory, which goes a long way in helping ADHD children control their bodies as they follow motions. 

For more info, contact a facility that offers kids martial arts classes. 

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