Two Situations In Which You Should Take Self-Defence Classes

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If you need a new hobby and are in one of these situations, you should consider taking self-defence classes.

You want to do some solo travelling 

Solo travel can be a wonderfully eye-opening, beautiful experience. However, it is also riskier than travelling with companions. If you don't know a city very well and you're exploring it on your own at night, you may be more vulnerable than a group of travellers would be in the same situation.

If you think you'd enjoy a solo travelling trip but are being deterred by this issue, you should book a few self-defence classes. Whilst it takes years to become highly proficient in self-defence, you can master a few basic self-defence moves within a matter of weeks. These moves will help you to fend off or disarm an attacker so that you can then create a window of opportunity for yourself that you can use to run away. For example, the class might show you how to avoid being struck by someone who's trying to punch you or how to escape if someone grabs you around the neck or chest.

It's best to continue taking these classes up until just before you go travelling. If you take only one of these classes a few months beforehand, your self-defence skills will probably be rusty by the time you leave and you might then be unable to recall the one move you need to do if you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself whilst you're away.

You feel vulnerable because you're physically small

If you're petite, then you might understandably feel that you are more vulnerable to being assaulted than larger people. This may be especially true as attackers might be more confident about overpowering you and so might be more likely to target you. As such, you may feel worried that you would have a harder time escaping from situations where someone is trying to injure you.

If this is something that bothers you, consider attending self-defence classes. You don't need to be strong or very large to be good at self-defence. In fact, some self-defence instructors can teach their smaller students how to utilise their larger opponents' strength against them.

The techniques you acquire when you have these classes could help you to feel less concerned if you're ever approached by someone who is attempting to physically intimidate or injure you, even if they're significantly larger. To learn more, contact a company that offers self-defence classes.

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