Three Indispensable Tips for Improving Bow Thruster Performance

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If you are having difficulties in handling your boat in harsh conditions, you should consider investing in bow thrusters. In general, bow thrusters will ensure better lateral thrust which, in turn, will make the vessel more manoeuvrable. If you are a novice, you will be able to manage your boat better in unfavourable water conditions by installing this device. Experienced boaters will also enjoy a higher degree of safety, and they will gain more confidence for independent boating with the unit. If you are interested in using a bow thruster, consider using these guidelines for better performance.

Check the Power

Bow thrusters require a reliable source of power for optimal function. If the energy provided is not enough or not consistent, there will be irregularities during operation. Therefore, you must check this aspect of the device to ensure exceptional performance. In general, most people prefer thrusters powered by DC electrical charge because of the presence of the battery. This option means that there is no need for additional investment needed. However, you can also opt for AC if you have a generator on-board. Regardless of the type of power supply, you should assess the voltage available and ensure that it matches the demands of your bow thruster. If it does not, you might need to upgrade the electrical components in your vessel.

Maintain the Motor

The thruster motor is a critical element of the propulsion device. Therefore, you must make sure that it is in an ideal state to prevent premature degradation or sudden failure of the unit. The most crucial aspect to consider is the installation of the thruster motor. The component should be placed by an experienced technician to prevent failure due to issues like contact with other boat parts or overheating. Also, it is important to keep the motor free of water. Check the compartment in which it is installed and ensure that it is dry to minimise corrosion and malfunction. If there is moisture, look for leaks and seal the damage. Additionally, blow or vacuum the motor to eliminate dust.

Clean the Tunnel

The thruster tunnel can contribute to a decline in boat performance due to the accumulation of dirt. Therefore, you should plan for periodic cleaning for optimal function. For instance, it is not uncommon to find barnacles and general aquatic debris in the area. Eliminate the mess and if possible, apply a good layer of anti-fouling protective paint. You should also check for damage in all the associated thruster components and conduct repairs as needed. 

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