Two steps to take before you start taking your dates out for trips on your boat

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If you're a boat owner who has just entered the dating scene and your boat is designed for recreational purposes, rather than professional racing or sailing, then you should definitely offer to take your dates out for some romantic boat rides. However, before you start inviting anyone onto this watercraft, there are a couple of things you must do.

Book your vessel in for a boat servicing appointment

If it's been quite a while since your last boat servicing appointment, then you should book your vessel in for a comprehensive servicing before you use it for your dates. A boat that has not been serviced in a long time may have defects that could lead to it malfunctioning whilst you're using it to entertain someone.

For example, a marine mechanic will normally check a boat's electrical system when servicing it and repair any loose or worn connections that they find. If your boat has loose electrical connections and you take a date out on it without having it serviced first, this issue could ruin the date. For instance, if you take them out in the evening and your boat's cabin lights stop working whilst you're inside it and are having a romantic meal, the two of you will be left sitting in the dark. Similarly, if this issue causes your boat's navigation lights to switch off during a nighttime date, you may struggle to get your boat back to the marina without crashing it, which could definitely leave your date less than impressed with this excursion. In short, if you don't want your boat to misbehave in a way that might ruin your date, you must take it for a servicing before you start asking people out.

Set up a stable dining area on the deck of the boat

One of the lovely things about having a date on a boat is that you can sit out on the deck, enjoy a meal or a glass of wine together and admire the view whilst the boat bobs along the gentle waves. However, if you're planning to have this type of date, you must ensure that the little dining area you set up on the deck is stable. This might mean anchoring the base of the table to the deck with a drill and some screws.

The aforementioned bobbing of your boat as it passes over the waves may lead to disaster if your table is not bolted down. It might, for example, cause your date's meal or glass of wine to slide off the table and land in their lap, in which case their clothing (and the date itself) would be ruined. It may also make it hard for the two of you to actually eat your food, as you would have to hold your plates and glasses tightly whilst you're eating, to stop them from sliding away. As such, if you want this part of the date to go smoothly, make sure your dining set-up is completely stable.

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