Which Surface Is Right For a Home Tennis Court?

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Any good tennis court construction firm will provide you with a number of different playing surfaces to choose from. If you are considering upgrading your current tennis court or would like to build a new one entirely from scratch, then deciding which sort of surface will suit you best is a key decision to make. Read on to find everything you need to know about the most common playing surfaces as well as the pros and cons of each.

Artificial Grass

A tennis court construction that is replacing a lawned one will not look so out of place if you choose a synthetic grass surface. Of course, you can choose any colour you like for an artificial playing surface, but most people opt for a natural green appearance when it comes to synthetic grass. One of the big advantages of a synthetic grass court is that it plays very naturally. As well as looking good, you will achieve a similar level of bounce as you would get with real grass. Because it will be fast draining, any new synthetic grass tennis court construction means you will be able to play on it quite soon after a shower. What's more, they require virtually no maintenance whatsoever.


A hardcourt playing surface is a very popular option for new tennis court courts. After all, this type of tennis court construction is the most durable of all. Therefore, if you opt for a hardcourt surface, you can expect it to last for many decades with virtually nothing to do to keep it in mint condition. Many hardcourts have a resin surface, which means that water will remain in place for a while after rain. Older players should take note that hardcourts tend to be the toughest on knee and ankle joints, so you may want to consider other options if you are not as mobile as you once were.


Clay courts are traditional playing surfaces and extremely popular in southern parts of Europe as well as in Australia. One of the great things about a clay court is that it plays quite slowly, so it suits players who are developing their game. You can also judge where a ball has landed very easily with clay because a mark is left behind. This may be the right surface for you if you like to play with family members but do not have an umpire to refer to. A clay tennis court construction can be a little more expensive but the results are usually worth it. Bear in mind that you may slide more on a clay court than a hardcourt, however.

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