Three Ways To Keep Your Wrestling Fitness Up During The Coronavirus Lockdown

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Wrestling is a popular sport and pastime for many Australians who are currently locked inside their homes due to the global pandemic of coronavirus. It doesn't take that long a break for muscle atrophy to begin, and when it starts, it can be hard to come back from it. On the other hand, you want to be as safe as possible during the lockdown and don't want to go out and practice with other people who may have the disease. Here are a few ways you can keep your wrestling fitness up on your own. 


Running is a great exercise not just to prepare for wrestling but for your overall health. However, when it comes to wrestling, you don't want to do long-distance running as this conditions the body to have a slow-releasing output of energy. Wrestling is all about short bursts of intense energy, so sprints are much more essential than long-distance running. Find a football field that is empty so you have a guideline of 100 metres and start doing some sprints. Time yourself and try to get better over time and set personal goals. In addition, you can add burpees and suicides for extra intensity.

Get Some Weights

While most exercise equipment stores are closed to in-person sales, many still have open online stores. Getting a few dumbells or kettlebells will drastically improve your home workout routine for wrestling. There are many different programs and exercises you can add to your routine with just one weight, so getting a few different sizes will do wonders for your fitness. Don't go for a comfortable weight, either. If you can comfortably do 10 reps of the weight you are choosing, it is far too easy. You want to be tested, so always opt for the bigger weights when you can't decide on two options.

Farmers Walks

Finally, grip strength is very important in wrestling, and the best way to really test yourself to the limit is to do farmers' walks. Farmers' walks employ the weights you should have by now and the open space you found before. All you have to do is hold one weight in each hand and start moving. Walk as far as you physically can with these weights in your hands before stopping, resting for a few seconds, and returning. Over time, your grip strength will start to get much better and, importantly, stay active during isolation. Use the heaviest weights you have for the best results. 

To learn more, contact a wrestling facility.

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